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March TPC Meeting

Title: TPC Meeting March 17, 2016
Location: Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S Peoria
Description: Our monthly meeting; join us at 6:45 for snacks, with the program beginning at 7:15. More to come.
Start Time: 06:45 pm
End Time: 08:30 pm

TGC Info Fair

Title: TGC Info Fair February 20, 2016
Location: Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S Peoria
Description: Get your garden on! Area nurseries, horticulturists, environmentalists, and landscape designers will be on hand to answer your gardening questions, whether you’re a novice or veteran gardener. Garden Center affiliate clubs will also be participating, and can provide information and resources about their particular area of interest. There are also plants for sale, for anyone needing a little green in their life. Look for the brightly-colored TPC booth and come see us!
Start Time: 09:00 am
End Time: 03:00 pm


February TPC Meeting

Title: TPC Meeting February 18, 2016
Location: Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S Peoria
Description: Our monthly Meeting; join us at 6:45 for snacks, with the program beginning at 7:15. James Spicer with Green Country Permaculture is our speaker this month, and we look forward to an enjoyable and educational evening. Check out the website!
Start Time: 06:45 pm
End Time: 08:30 pm

Green Country Permaculture

2016 Oklahoma Proven Plants

Oklahoma Proven is a plant promotion program coordinated by faculty in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Oklahoma State University. The goal of the program is to recommend plants well-adapted for use across Oklahoma.

Check it out – do you have any in your landscape? Or, do you see one that you need?


Oklahoma Proven

2016 Perennial Plant of the Year

The Perennial Plant Association’s 2016 Perennial Plant of the Year is Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’. This Japanese anemone is a graceful plant that flowers in late summer and early fall when colorful displays of most other perennials have left the landscape. Honorine Jobert is hardy to Zone 4 and produces 2 – 3 inch pure white flowers with clusters of bright yellow stamens in the center of each blossoms that last for several weeks.


Perennial Plant of the Year

November 2015

Each November, TPC members come together for their last meeting of the year, where we enjoy good food, and make plans for the coming year. As always, there are prizes and great desserts to be enjoyed!  See you in 2016!

October 2015

October for TPC is always a busy month! We are busy in our gardens, selecting plants to divide and pot up for next May’s plant sale; we are busy readying for the annual Member’s Garden Tour, and we are busy potting up plants for our annual Plant Swap this month.

Here are some pictures from our Member’s Garden Tour on October 17, 2015

September meeting – September 17, 7pm

Tulsa Perennial Club is very excited about our September speaker, Oscar Cross. He and his family have a well known nursery in Ash Grove, just outside of Springfield, Missouri–Hilltop Farm.

His topic will be: Hostas: How to grow them well and their Companion plants.  He is a horticulturist as well as being a great plantsman.  You can tell he loves plants!

As an added bonus—Oscar will be bringing plants with him to sell at the meeting!

Come a little early and see what he brings!  In his own words, “He will be bringing new and unusual plants as well as plants everyone knows.”  Can’t wait to see the varieties that will be available!

Hilltop Farm

Ice Plant


August Meeting – We’re Dividing Perennials!

Please come prepared with gloves if you use them, a knife or garden shears for dividing, and possibly an apron to keep yourself clean, and it’s probably wise to NOT wear your best clothing for this meeting. We have been able to find enough perennial plants for everyone to have hands on division of several different varieties. We are going to be inside where it is cool, and tables will be set up with perennials, containers, and soil.  Each table should seat 6-8 people.

Do you have a favorite garden tool?  Something that you keep within arm’s reach every time you go into the garden? The August meeting is also Tool Time where our members share information about their favorite tool.  If you have not had the chance to share your favorite tool yet, please bring your ‘I can’t garden without this item’ to our August meeting.  It can be anything from your favorite catalog or article of clothing, hat, gloves, bucket, or pruners—even your play list of gardening music!  It just needs to be tied to gardening somehow.  Our members have GREAT imaginations!

If you have a perennial plant you would like help dividing, you are welcome to bring that plant with you to the meeting.  Please bring it in some kind of container to help keep the Garden Center clean.  It is best to water the plant a day or two before you dig.  Please wash and shake off excess soil to ‘lighten the load’ and make it easier to divide on the table.  If you have any questions please email us at

TPC Plant Sale

We’re in the home stretch of preparations for our yearly Plant Sale, this Saturday, May 2, beginning at 9am. Members have been busily preparing by taking divisions of their own plants, and helping neighbors to dig and divide their plants as well. Joining us this year are the Hosta Connection, who will be selling their wonderful Hostas and other perennial plants, and Duck Creek Farms will be on site as well, with herbs and other edible plants for sale.

Saturday, May 2, 9am – 2pm. Tulsa Garden Center 2435 S Peoria, Tulsa, OK

Here is a sampling of plants which will be available at the sale. Also, a few shots of TPC members helping out with digging and potting up at a friend’s home.