Flowers through the Year

Helleborus niger - Joseph Lamper

Christmas Rose. This lovely began blooming in a TPC member's garden in mid-Dec and is still going strong in January.

Ilex verticillata

Not technically a flower, but a beautiful example of winter color from one of our native hollies. This winterberry holly is growing in a member's garden, and shows its beautiful berries in winter.

Mahonia sp.

Oregon grape holly boasts fragrant yellow flowers in late winter, followed by clusters of blue berries, which explains the common name of grape holly.

Zizia aurea

Golden Alexander blooms in April and is an important early nectar source for bees and other insects.

Scabiosa and Nepeta

These dependable perennials begin blooming early - May in this picture - and continue to bloom off and on all summer. Pincushion flower Butterfly Blue and Catmint Purple Haze

Monarda didyma - Jacob Kline

A truly Red perennial, this bee balm blooms in June.

Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia and Red Zinnia

This is a selection of Rudbeckia hirta, blooming here in July in a member's garden.

Marsh milkweed

Asclepias incarnata growing in a rain garden, although it does well in regular garden soil. Blooming in August in a member's garden. It is another Monarch butterfly host plant.

Prairie Dock and Monarch butterflies

Silphium terebinthinaceum is a fall-blooming butterfly magnet. Blooming here in September.

Chipola River Daisy

Coreopsis integrifolia is a lovely fall-blooming coreopsis, blooming here in October. It spreads by underground runner but is not aggressive.

Heath Aster

This picture was taken in early November, and the insects were still nectaring on this lovely aster. Symphyotrichum ericoides