August Meeting – We’re Dividing Perennials!

Please come prepared with gloves if you use them, a knife or garden shears for dividing, and possibly an apron to keep yourself clean, and it’s probably wise to NOT wear your best clothing for this meeting. We have been able to find enough perennial plants for everyone to have hands on division of several different varieties. We are going to be inside where it is cool, and tables will be set up with perennials, containers, and soil.  Each table should seat 6-8 people.

Do you have a favorite garden tool?  Something that you keep within arm’s reach every time you go into the garden? The August meeting is also Tool Time where our members share information about their favorite tool.  If you have not had the chance to share your favorite tool yet, please bring your ‘I can’t garden without this item’ to our August meeting.  It can be anything from your favorite catalog or article of clothing, hat, gloves, bucket, or pruners—even your play list of gardening music!  It just needs to be tied to gardening somehow.  Our members have GREAT imaginations!

If you have a perennial plant you would like help dividing, you are welcome to bring that plant with you to the meeting.  Please bring it in some kind of container to help keep the Garden Center clean.  It is best to water the plant a day or two before you dig.  Please wash and shake off excess soil to ‘lighten the load’ and make it easier to divide on the table.  If you have any questions please email us at